From GIS datasets and Multispectral imagery to cartographic maps and graphics, I look forward to working with you on anything Geospatial.

Remote Sensing

Understand complex changes using multispectral data gathered daily.


Visualize and show off your data with professional charts and maps.

Analysis & GIS

Understand large datasets geospatially and make informed decisions.

About Me

Masters in Geography

I recieved my Masters from Florida State University with an emphasis on GIS and Remote Sensing in a Conservation framework

Global Experience

From expeditions in Tibet, mapping the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar to Laser Scanning in New Mexico.

8+ Years of Experince with GIS

I have worked with ArcGIS & QGIS in various roles, managing GIS databases, GIS analysis and Data collection

Diverse skills

Whether you need a GIS dataset, publication chart or multispetral analysis, I have experince in various geospatial solutions.



Bachelor of Arts - Geography

I attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. I focused my stuides on GIS, Remote Sensing and Geospatial applications for conservation and cartography. I worked in the GIS lab and recieved 'The Distinguished Scholar' Award in Geography upon graduation.


Masters of Science - Geography

I continued my studies in Geography at Florida State University, again focusing on GIS, Remote Sensing and Cartography. I was lectuerer of World Geography and Online Cartography, as well as an intern with a local laser scanning firm.


Lead Cartographer|Geographer

I worked with terrestrial LiDAR with Roadview Inc, continued my passion for conservation with the China Exploration and Research Society across Asia and was Operations Manger with Project Manaia in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar.


Freelance - Geospatial Consultant

Utilizing my skills, knowledge and contacts from global work, I began as a freelancer based in Plauen, Germany. Since this time I have worked with global clients, creating publication maps, GIS analysis and Remote Sensing services.

Some awesome companies I've had the pleasure to work with.



A few selected GIS, Geospatial and Cartographic projects that I have completed for various clients. Upon request I can provide full resolution copies.

Eco-Resort Map in Myanmar
Client: Boulder Bay Eco-Resort

Recreation of Historical 1920's map
Client: Village of Crispendorf

Current Land-use map of a district in Ghana
Client: MEK Environmental

Overview Map of Galapagos Islands
Client: Save Our Seas Foundation

Stylized chart of the Mergui Archipelago
Client: Project Manaia

Historical Map overlay on current GIS datasets
Client: Ohio Wesleyan University

Current bathymetric maps of Boulder Island
Client: Boulder Bay Eco-Resort

Overview of closing DB night routes
Client: Politico

Overview map of Amirante Bank, Seychelles
Client: Save our Seas Foundation

Series of 3 maps of Senegal & The Gambia
Client: Save Our Seas Foundation

Climbing chart of Sinai
Client: The Outdoor Journal

Expedition Planning
Client: China exploration and research society


These maps showcase current cartographic projects that utilized GIS, Cartography and Remote Sensing. Many required finding the approriate datasets and manipulating these within GIS.

Casamance River - Senegal

This map, in a series of 3, was created for Save Our Seas Foundation, to showcase key areas of Sawfish during a study in Senegal and The Gambia. This map required extensive research and data searching to fill in details on river depth, wetlands and location names. Datasets used: LandSat8, OSM, Google, Navionics, GEBCO and various local datasets.

Casamance River in Senegal

Climbing in Sinai

Created for The Outdoor Journal, this map features key areas in the Sinai Penisula, hiking routes, contours, climbing routes (created as 3D graphics for publication) and unique sites in the region. This map was creatd with datasets from OSM, Goolge, SRTM, Local Datasets, and local knowledge from the author of the article.

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